My name is Geert Bero and I am born in Oostende Belgium, vintage 1973.
In 2004  I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where I live with my wife and children. My job is running the Hotel Bero in Oostende, Belgium, with a well stocked whiskybar of course.

I started buying a couple of Ardbeg's and focused on distillery bottlings only for the collection. I always try to buy two bottles of each, one for collecting, the other one for drinking. I do have about 110 open Ardbegs including some independent bottles in my personal drinking stash. My friends join me regularly for a tasting in the great Ardbeg Room.

Have fun and enjoy exploring my site!


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Latest addition
Ardbeg #Ardbog MOR
Distilled - Size 450 cl
Bottled 2013 Bottles -
Age - Strength 52,1 %

The Ardbog was released on the first of june 2013 at the Feis Isle on Islay,and at the Ardbeg Embassies worldwide.
The whisky is a combination of 10 y old aged whisky from American oak ex-bourbon barrels and ex-spanish Manzanilla sherry butts.

This is the MOR bottle 4,5L

Random bottle
Ardbeg  Pre-Glenmorangie
Ardbeg  Pre-Glenmorangie
Ardbeg Pre-Glenmorangie
Distilled - Size 75 cl
Bottled - Bottles -
Age 10 years Strength 40,0 %
Country Italy    

Clear bottle ,black label
Box and neckflyer
Left top corner on label 75 cl
Right top corner on label 40%
Bottlecode SC 803
Glass dot on neck of bottle
Imported by S.P.I.R.I.T  S.P.A